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As Earth's climate changes, species must adapt, shift their geographical ranges or face decline and, in some cases, extinction. Using genetics, UCLA biologists involved in the Bird Genoscape Project are racing against time to find out the potential for adaptation and how best to protect vulnerable populations of birds. The project's most recent study, published in Sciencefocuses on the yellow warbler.

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This most incredible photo might help parapsychologists to better understand what is really transpiring in such environments. Sort of deductive reasoning. What this means is that before we assume that an event is truly paranormal in nature, we must first rule out every other possible explanation. This takes time, scientific research and analysis, and the careful collection of data within experiments conducted under controlled laboratory conditions. Instruments are designed to measure only what we know of, and there is no scientific evidence even suggesting that such phenomena emit EMFs, nuclear or gravitational forces.

A study has shown that youngsters are more popular and more admired by teachers and friends if they return schoolyard hostility in kind. Harry Potter faces off with his nemesis Draco Malfoy. Research has found children who stand up to bullies can be more popular and mature. Although the researchers accept that bullying can be damaging to children, leading to depression and anxiety, those who are not afraid to stand up for themselves can benefit from being picked on. In a study of American children aged 11 and 12, researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, compared those who stood up to aggressors with those who did not.

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Both universities are located in Los Angeles. USC is recognized as consistently being one of the top football programs in the nation, while UCLA is recognized as consistently being one of the top basketball programs in the nation. Both schools also are successful in many "non-revenue" or "olympic" sports. Both have had success in track and field, water polo, tennis, volleyball, and golf. After the season, Lexus stopped sponsoring the award, and the winner has been tracked less formally. Since the end of the Lexus sponsorship, USC has won in and UCLA won in, and Quite often, the winner of the football game has won or shared the Pac Conference Pac title in football. A berth in the Rose Bowl game has been on the line many times as well for both schools.

By Eddie Wrenn for MailOnline. Regardless of how much you study each day, if you sacrifice sleep in order to cram a little bit more, you are going to struggle the following day, say researchers. The University of California team added that, because students tend to increasingly sacrifice sleep time for studying in the later years of education, this negative dynamic becomes more and more prevalent over time. Those are the findings of a new study that focused on daily and yearly variations of students who sacrifice sleep to study. Cramming late into the night?.

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The Hammer Museumwhich is affiliated with the University of California, Los Angelesis an art museum and cultural center known for its artist-centric and progressive array of exhibitions and public programs. Founded in by the entrepreneur-industrialist Armand Hammer to house his personal art collection, the museum has since expanded its scope to become "the hippest and most culturally relevant institution in town. The Hammer Museum also hosts over programs throughout the year, from lectures, symposia, and readings to concerts and film screenings. As of Februarythe museum's collections, exhibitions, and programs are completely free to all visitors. It has developed an international reputation for reintroducing artists and movements that have often been overlooked in the art historical canon.

LOS ANGELES — When you see a tween or teen on the street, in a store, outside a school building, sitting in a car, eating at a fast food restaurant…virtually anywhere…what are they likely to be doing. The UCLA psychology department looked at two groups of to year-olds. During the research, one group made significantly more progress than the other. The group deprived of all digital media, even television, performed significantly better at recognizing emotions than those allowed to keep texting and tweeting and talking on Facebook after just five days.

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