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By Hannah Parry For Dailymail. A Somali refugee who raped two Utah women when he was 14, has been spared adult prison - despite pleas from one of his victims. He was due to age out of the juvenile system when he turns 21 next month, leaving Judge Vernice Trease with a choice; sentence him to serve time in an adult prison for his crimes, or release him on five year's probation. She chose the latter. The sentence comes as a bitter blow to his victims and prosecutors who sought to keep him behind bars. One woman, who was attacked and raped in her own Salt Lake City home by Mohammed, who then forced her at knife point to take money out at the ATM, said she is 'terrified' at the thought her rapist will be free to walk the streets where she lives.

Because they knew that what was toxic for Republicans would be even more toxic for vulnerable Senate Democrats running for reelection in states President Trump won by double digits. Democrats are deeply worried about the fates of Sens. If Trump can pick off some or all of these seats, then he could finally have what he needs to pass key legislation with GOP votes alone. If Democrats are running scared in red states, then Trump can turn the screws on them to vote with him or pay a price in November.

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Piracy off the coast of Somalia has been a threat to international shipping since the second phase of the Somali Civil Wararoundwhen foreign ships exploited the absence of an effective national coast guard by invading the fishing grounds and also dumping illegal waste that would further diminish the local catch. Fishing communities responded by forming armed groups to deter the invaders by hijacking commercial vessels. But this grew into a lucrative trade, with large ransom payments, and financial gain piracy was clearly the main motive. International organisations began to express concern over the new piracy due to its high cost to global trade and the incentive to profiteer by insurance companies and others. The Somali government has been active in policing the area, though some believe that it wants to collaborate with the pirates as a bulwark against Islamist insurgents. Bythese patrols were paying off, with a steady drop in the number of incidents. As of Novemberthere were no major vessels or hostages remaining in pirate captivity. In the early s, prior to the outbreak of the civil war in Somalia, the Somali Ministry of Fisheries and the Coastal Development Agency CDA launched a development programme focusing on the establishment of agricultural and fishery cooperatives for artisanal fishermen.

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The Lanza family home at 36 Yogananda St. Curiously, the real estate website Zillow says the house is not for sale. The report describes Lanza as having Asperger Syndrome: Here are 14 of those photos source: A photo of a shattered window at the elementary school.

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