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This post contains affiliate links. The tradition began for Barclay and I when we started dating, and found out that we had a mutual love for good nachos and spicy tuna rolls. I had already determined my favorite two spots for good nachos in Kansas City here and here.

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You get points for using unusual ingredients, even when it isn't actually any more complicated. The beauty of this vegetarian risotto is that you bake it instead of standing there stirring for 20 minutes, so you can devote your undivided attention to your bae. Store-bought pesto is totally fine if you don't have time to DIY. You could cover a piece of cardboard in roasted cherry tomatoes and it would be delicious. But steak is much better than cardboard. Scallops are so fast to cook that you can do it while your date is watching and show them how talented you are with a frying pan.

As a child, eating a toffee apple was the ultimate delight. Yes, it has tons of sugar around it but who cares. I would always crack the candy coating on the table because it was just too hard to bite through and I loved how it always made me feel so jolly when I ate it. Making them is equally fun. Even more fun when they candy coating is a glossy, sinister black.

Fennel, I sometimes think, is really two separate vegetables: Its character completely changes with the application of heat. Yet both forms are equally delicious. Raw fennel — white, crisp and clean — has an anise quality that is more tactful than insistent. In Italy, where they appreciate fennel more than we do, it is eaten as wedges, dipped in olive oil.

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