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Please refresh the page and retry. S ince the referendum result to leave the European Union was announced last June, university executives, academic staff and politicians have speculated at length about the future of higher education in the UK. Some have worried about the potential impact on funding, student numbers, exchange programmes and the quality of teaching and research collaboration. So what will these plans look like, and what could these changes mean for this year's student intake?.

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Proposals for an academic boycott of Israel have been made by academics and organisations in Palestine[1] the United States, [2] the United Kingdom, [3] and other countries to boycott Israeli universities and academics. The goal of proposed academic boycotts is to isolate Israel in order to force a change in Israel's policies towards the Palestinianswhich proponents state to be discriminatory and oppressive, including oppressing the academic freedom of Palestinians. The ultimate goals and the mission of the academic boycott align with those of the greater BDS movement, calling for international pressure to be placed on Israeli academic institutions, which are understood by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel to be implicated in the perpetuation of Israeli occupation, in order to achieve those goals. Campaigns for academic boycott of Israel have led to debate. Leslie Wagner argued, "In reality, co-operation between Israeli and British universities and their academics has grown in recent years under the energetic leadership of outgoing UK ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould. The idea of an academic boycott against Israel first emerged publicly in England on 6 April in an open letter to The Guardian initiated by Steven and Hilary Roseprofessors in biology at the Open University and social policy at the University of Bradford respectively, who called for a moratorium on all cultural and research links with Israel.

Rivalry between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge is a phenomenon going back many centuries. During most of that time, they were the only two universities in England and Walesmaking the rivalry more intense than it is now. The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridgesometimes collectively known as Oxbridgeare the two oldest universities in the United Kingdom. Both were founded more than years ago, and between them they have produced a large number of Britain's most prominent scientists, writers and politicians, as well as noted figures in many other fields. Competition between Oxford and Cambridge also has a long history, dating back to around when Cambridge was founded by scholars taking refuge from hostile townsmen in Oxford. In the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, based on a survey of 13, academics over countries which was then the largest evaluation of academic reputation to date [2] found that both Cambridge and Oxford belonged to the elite group of six universities touted as the 'globally recognized super brands'; [3] [4] The other four were Harvard UniversityMassachusetts Institute of Technologythe University of California, Berkeleyand Stanford University.

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By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: The discovery of DNA is the most important breakthrough made by academics at UK universities, a poll found today. The finding was more significant than genetic fingerprinting, the first working computer and the contraceptive pill, according to a survey of more than UK academics. They were asked to rate discoveries made by their peers for a poll to mark Universities Week. University of Cambridge scientists James Watson and Francis Crick's discovery in of the double helix structure of DNA - the genetic code for all living things - was rated the most important with 27 per cent of the vote. In second place was genetic fingerprinting - unveiled by scientists at Leicester University inwho developed a technique of identifying individual DNA make-up - with 13 per cent. The first working computer, credited to two University of Manchester scientists, was in third place with 8 per cent, while the contraceptive pill, developed by Herchel Smith, a researcher at University of Manchester intook fourth place 6 per cent. Three breakthroughs shared fifth place which included the discovery by Cancer Research UK specialists who, inwere the first to identify key genes that govern and regulate cancer and cell division.

School PE lessons are racist, according to an astonishing taxpayer-funded study. A new report says that PE lessons in school are racist because they favour 'privileged' white children over ethnic minority ones FILE photo. He said he had never been aware of racism during his ten years of school PE and added: The report — called A Whitewashed Curriculum?.

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More than a third of ambulances fail to reach patients in eight minutes Politics. Arabic to be taught to Syrian refugee children in Scotland World. Petition urges rethink on proposed raven cull Environment. Tribute to Scots teen who died after fall from Magaluf balcony World. Memo leak shows Amber Rudd told of removal targets Politics. The benefits of safer cycling Opinion. Basic for income for all is not dead Opinion. Memo leak shows Amber Rudd told of removal targets Politics.

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